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Ætt Ætt

Old Norse
From Proto-Germanic *aihtiz.
1. Quarter of the heaven, direction
2. Family, lineage, pedigree
3. Generation

Ætt Wristwatch by Rune Bakkendorff

The Watch The Watch The DNA of Copenhagen watchmaking

“A wristwatch created as an homage to my predecessors, with inspiration from my work in conservation and restoration and with the goal of reviving the Copenhagen watchmaking DNA.”

Ætt Wristwatch by Rune Bakkendorff
Turret clock by Jens Olsen

The time indication The time indication Inspired by a danish legend

Inspired by a tower clock mechanism in Copenhagen made in 1919 by legendary clockmaker and astromechanic Jens Olsen, who grew to worldwide renown through his work on his “World Clock” located at Copenhagen City Hall.

The mechanism is placed on the movement and replicates the time indication of the tower clock main display, thus allowing the clockmaker to set the time without exiting the building.

When Rune saw this indication, his immediate thought was: “This would make a great wristwatch”.

The idea for Ætt was born.

Inspiration Inspiration The Copenhagen pocket watch

Through his work in conservation and restoration of watches, and as the registrant of the Copenhagen Guild of Clock- and Watchmakers, Rune noticed that Danish pocket watches from the 1800’s had a special appearance.

Although quite continental, they had details and nuances that seemed to be local idiosyncrasies and choices – both technically and aesthetically.

These stylistic and technical choices died out with the advent of cheap Swiss and French ebauches, which changed creative watchmaking in Copenhagen forever.


The movement The movement Highlights of a new caliber

Rune wanted to reimagine this style and rediscover how this DNA would live on in the modern haute horlogerie wristwatch. The first result of this work, is the movement of Ætt.

With many details and choices sourced in the Copenhagen horological DNA, this new caliber is developed and produced by Rune in his workshop.

Ætt Wristwatch by Rune Bakkendorff

Specifications Specifications

  • Handmade in-house movement with wheel train and escapement from the historical cal. AS 1130
  • Manually wound
  • 40 hour power reserve
  • 19 jewels and 3 micro precision ball bearings
  • Crafted in German silver, brass, steel and titanium
  • Time indication based on revolving zirconium oxide dials. Other materials on request
  • 39 mm case in stainless steel and bronze
  • Limited to 10 pieces
  • First deliveries estimated to begin in 2024

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    Ætt Wristwatch by Rune Bakkendorff