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Byrja Byrja

Old Norse
From Proto-Germanic *burjaną.
1. (intransitive) to originate
2. (transitive) to begin

The Watch The Watch Handmade. Nordic.

Made in the workshop of Rune, just outside Copenhagen, in a series of 25 pieces.

Byrja Front_small
Byrja top

The movement The movement A piece of watchmaking history

Powered by NOS Peseux 7001. A handwound classic.

Byrja back_small
Byrja front flat

Specifications Specifications

Case: 42.00 mm X 8.50 mm

Stainless steel and bronze

AR coated flat sapphire crystal

Engraved caseback

Dial: Engraved and frosted brass

Hands: Titanium

Movement: NOS Peseux 7001

Frequency: 21.600 vph (3 hz)

Power reserve: 42 hours


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