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Moonwork is a clock developed by the design duo Ahm&Lund and clockmaker Rune Bakkendorff. The clock uses the lunar cycle to represent the passing of time.
Moonwork is a tall, freestanding clock that illustrates the lunar phases throughout a lunar month of 29,5 days. Gracefully, a shadow wanders across the white porcelain halfsphere; a real-time model, revealing where in the lunar cycle we are.

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Moonwork challenges our traditional perception of time, by placing it in a different and larger context, as opposed to the stress and bustle of everyday life.
With Moonwork we are investigating a new area of design and craftsmanship, by virtue of the collaboration between clockmaker Rune Bakkendorff and the design duo Ahm&Lund. An alliance where we are seeking to develop and produce unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in the landscape of independent horology and artisanry / designs for exhibition at galleries. Moonwork is thus the first clock in a series of horological art pieces.

The aim of the project is to focus on the rapid pace of modern life, and the stress we experience as a result. We hope that people, by following a cycle different than the 24 hours of the day cycle, are reminded that we are part of something bigger, and that there are other rhythms to connect with. We believe that we must align our perception of time with the course of nature and the planets to an even greater extent, and find our way back to a more natural existence, and thus achieve a healthier and more sustainable relationship with time.

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Technical details

Month going
Plates and wheels of hard brass
Shafts of stainless steel and lantern pinions with rods of hardened steel
Constant force spring with stop-work
Graham escapement
Carbon fiber pendulum with solid brass bob
Pendulum suspension with beat adjustment
13 precision ball bearings and 5 Nylatron bearings
337 parts
Only 4 lubrication points

Hand shaped sterling silver dome, covering a 250 lumen LED, projecting shadow to a parian sphere
57 second deviation pr. synodic period

Base of black basalt
Frame of powder coated stainless steel
Top spheres of black clay and parian

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